Our “Grenzenlose Unternehmensberatung” offers services for national and international clients of different sizes, partnerships and corporations in various sectors, as well as private individuals.

We advise you on general business management questions, in particular business management evaluations and key figures e.g.

  • Controlling-Reports
  • Cash and Liquidity Planning
  • Cost Center Reports
  • Support with initial foundation and registration in Germany
  • Budget Planning
  • Business Plan

We advise you on all questions concerning

Small and medium-sized enterprises can receive subsidies for consultations on all aspects of business management. We support you in the selection of suitable programs and assist you with the applications.

Business management analyses and future-oriented solutions, competently developed, personally tailored to customer requirements – this is how we bring your company forward in the long term.

While we take care of the tax and business management issues, you can take your time to focus on the time implementation of your visions and strategies.

Because one thing is certain: German tax law in particular is complex and constantly changing – especially in times of globalization and digitalization. Financial accounting, payroll accounting and related issues involve a lot of time and resources in regionally based companies and organizations as well as in global corporations. Tax aspects play a central role in almost every corporate decision. Even wealthy private individuals are facing ever greater challenges in this area.

With our experience, our know-how, our flexibility and our commitment, we develop precise professional solutions. In this way, we ensure economic optimization and relief for your company or organization.

Joint planning, direct, fast and reliable cooperation in dialogue with you – that is the aim of our “Grenzenlose Unternehmensberatung” consultancy.

Finance & Accounting

This area of our range of services covers classic accounting, business management consulting and evaluation of key business figures.

For national and international clients with a company or branch office in Germany, we provide monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping and accounting. Together with our cooperation office and experienced lawyers, we also support companies in the registration with the German tax authorities.

Our services

  • Booking of current business transactions
  • Evaluation of your company key figures
  • Business Management Consulting

(in cooperation with the “Grenzenlos-Network”)

  • Preparation of monthly advance Turnover tax statements (VAT statements)
  • Preparation of interim and annual financial statements, Balance Sheets etc.
  • Preparation of Profit & Loss Calculations
  • Preparation of Tax Returns
  • Review  of tax assessment notices
  • Correspondence with authorities
  • Consulting during external audits

Payroll Management

Payroll accounting places high demands on companies. It is also subject to constant change. If you are already an existing company or want to establish a company or a branch office with employees, you must always keep up to date with the latest legislation.

Precise accounting! This is exactly our day to day work: we take care of the complete payroll administration including correspondence, reporting and payment management. Up-to-date, punctual and transparent evaluation.

Together with our cooperation lawyer for labor law, we also draw up customized employment contracts for you and clarify labor law issues in advance. Our support is done in English and German. We also take care of all this with regard to employees working abroad, so-called “Expatriates”. Expatriation consulting is an additional main focus of our consultancy where we are regarded as specialists throughout the sector.

Our services

  • Registration of your company with the employer’s office
  • Registration for employer number
  • Registration with the statutory accident insurance
  • Registration with health insurance companies
  • Consulting, planning, coordination and implementation of HR and outsourcing projects for your payroll
  • Implementation and establishing of your individual company policies within the payroll
  • Handling the correspondence for registration of your employees
  • Preparation and transmission of all reports to the social security and tax authorities, etc.
  • Preparation of the monthly payroll and salary statements
  • Correspondence with the authorities
  • Coordination of the monthly employer and employee payroll payments
  • Distribution of the pay slips
  • Preparation of your financial accounting reports
  • A1 applications for trips abroad or secondments
  • Advice on wage tax and social security audits
  • Advice on accident and artists’ social security external audits
  • Consulting and drafting of employment contracts

Expatriate Consulting

One of our main areas of expertise is advising companies and private individuals on foreign assignments of employees in matters of foreign and national taxation. The assignment of these expatriates as well as in- and outbound employees causes additional costs and administrative work, with payroll accounting playing a central role. For example; how are the employees and their salary components to be treated in terms of wage tax and social security law? Which salary components are taxed, how, when and where? You can rely on us as a competent partner for planning and implementation. We support you in payroll questions as well as in the arrangement of your employees’ remuneration packages and the preparation of individual tax returns – so that the assignment is optimally structured for all parties involved.

Our services

  • Advice on guidelines and support during implementation
  • Application and correspondence with health insurance companies in the case of applications to maintain German legal conditions
  • Support for your HR team in the implementation of payroll accounting for these employees
  • Evaluation of compensation or salary components
  • Complete handling of your payroll management for this special sector of employees
  • Evaluation of your personal financial situation during the period of assignment
  • Review of your assignment package
  • Planning your tax situation both in your home country and in the country of assignment – together with our “Grenzenlos-Network”
  • In collaboration with our cooperation office we also support you in the preparation of your tax returns

Mindful Business

The fundamental and further accelerating change in values in recent years has opened up innovative business areas, as well as demands and strives for new entrepreneurial concepts and modes of action.

From legal requirements to changing consumer behavior, drastic needs for action arise. This affects consumer issues as well as social and ecological factors in a highly globalized, networked world.

Accordingly, we have expanded our service portfolio to include “Mindful Business”. Our consulting spectrum regarding “Mindful Business” – officially “Economy for the common good” (ECG) – ranges from the identification of opportunities and risks, planning or rather evaluation and optimization up to the operative implementation of your company’s sustainability strategy.

As ECG consultant (currently in training) you will receive competent individual advice from us. In cooperation with our “Grenzenlos-Network” we support you in the preparation of your public “Common Good Balance Sheet”. We will assist you in the preparation of reports according to the German Sustainability Code (DNK), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Global Compact.


Our services

  • Orientation towards intergenerational “Mindful Business” management
  • Business case for sustainability
  • Advice on the preparation of your public “Common Good Balance Sheet” or report
  • Support to certification of „ECG”
  • Consulting and support for reporting in accordance with DNK, GRI and Global Compact
  • CO2-balancing
  • Advice on the selection of suitable funding programs
  • Support with the application according to the specifications of the funding agency